gizmodo – Drinking Vodka makes you talk more better…

After last nights antics i feel this is an ideal article for all my readers to read over on gizmodo.

As if you NEED any more reasons to drink vodka…this is the best reason YET!

“According to a recent study, drinking vodka improves word association and verbal creativity. ”

WOA. Break out the vodka ehhhhhhhhhhhhh

Head over to the article now.



How to Make – A quick & simple fruity cocktail

How to Make – A quick & simple fruity cocktail


Fruity flavoured vodka based cocktail perfect for home cocktail making and summer drinking

What you will need

  • Any branded Vodka (All About Drinks prefer Smirnoff)
  • Any branded “Tropical juice” (available to buy from any supermarket)
  • 1 Highball Glass
  • 1 shot glass
  • Mused Ice Cubes
  • 1 Straw

How to make

  1. Grab yourself a highball glass
  2. Smash in mused ice cubes
  3. Grab your vodka of choice
  4. With the help of the shot glass, pour yourself two shots and enter into the glass
  5. Top up to ¾ with tropical juice of your choice
  6. Mix with your straw

& Enjoy!

Congratulations you have just quickly made your own very tasting fruity vodka based cocktail!

Perfect for

This Cocktail would be perfect for home cocktail making & outdoor summer cocktails