Inbetweeners Drinking Game.

The Inbetweeners

Drinking games are always a fan favourite here at All About Drinks !

We quite enjoy the TV series Inbetweeners too (if you haven’t seen it, where have you been under a rock?!)

So why not combined both and create an awesome drinking game that the entire world can enjoy!

Here are the rules –

  • Rule 1 Every time Jay utters the words “clunge”, “gash”, “spunk”, “bell-end” or the phrase “up to the balls”, down a shot.
  • Rule 2 Every time Jay utters a phrase for the female anatomy or his own genitalia that you have never heard used before, down another shot.
  • Rule 3 Each time someone refers to Neil’s dad being gay and neil says “oi my dads not bent!” Down a can
  • Rule 4 Crack into the vodka whenever there’s any gag about bodily fluids.
  • Rule 5 Drink a double when the phrases “humping” or “porking” are used to refer to sexual intercourse.
  • Rule 6 Drink a can of cheap cider every time the boys attempt to get served for alcohol, “pull some birds” or end up annoying 6th form head Mr Gilbert.
  • Rule 7 If Will ends up tied up, bullied or gagged and bound in an unusual manner then have a can
  • Rule 8 Drink whenever Simon or any other cast member says the word “brilliant” after another person has made a joke about them
  • Rule 9 At any point Simon tries to talk to carli and looks like a creepy tit, drink a can of anything
  • Rule 10 If there’s any reference to Simon, Jay or Neil wanting to have sex with Will’s mum, Drink a shot of anything
  • Finally, Rule 11 Rule Eleven: Whenever Mr Gilbert refers to the characters by their last names, a can and a shot

Have you got all of those? GOOD! So what are you waiting for?!

Get inbetweeners on NOW and get your drinks at the ready! It’s Party Time!


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