The Day After….


Anyone else ever had this feeling….

Fry Drinking Meme


Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors EVERY TIME!

Came across this little gem on!

Apparently, its possible to win every time at Rock Paper Scissors!

Unbelievable i know! But check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Will you be ready the next time you come across Rock Paper Scissors!?!?

Check out the post here 

WINNINGWin at Rock Paper Scissors EVERY time

Smee Heeee – Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Logo

It’s late at night here in the UK and we feel it’s time for a good old laugh!

Are you a fan of Red Dwarf? Have you ever seen it? If not, where have you been?!

Red Dwarf is one of the all time greatest sitcoms in British history!

Even you guys in the states tried to make your own!

Here is a funny clip for you to enjoy!

Kryten tries to tell Rimmer that he is a “Smeg Head”…..clearly a problem for an android!


If you want to learn more about the series Red Dwarf click here to visit the official website or here to visit the Red Dwarf Wikipedia page!